Hi, my name is Ryan Arrington, and this is my website. Before you get into the content portion of the website I wanted to tell you a little bit about myself. I’m currently in Austin, Texas, where I am a Production Coordinator for Powerhouse Animation Studios. Here I primarily help produce all of our short form content, which varies from things like video game trailers and motion comics, to short films and commercials, and everything in-between. I am also a freelance producer who has extensive experience working in both animation and live-action.

On top of my production experience I am a writer and editor. You can find my current work here and you can keep an eye out for my life coaching book “1Up: A Geek’s Guide to Living Your Best Life” coming in 2021. Until then, hang out and flip through my thoughts, or message me if you want to connect!

Blog Posts

Four Months

Four months. That’s how long it’s been since I have written. Four months and 1500 miles. I wish I could blame this absence on a new period of self discovery, but recently I have been more sure of myself than ever. Four months ago I packed up my car, after what can only be definedContinue reading “Four Months”

Tuesday: Office Hours

I spend forty hours of my week trapped inside a bright, yet uncomfortable office. The chairs have long passed their replacement date, The desks have wear marks where the arms of my predecessors sat, and it often smells of old leftovers. The air conditioning only lives in extremes, either blasting the room with frigid air,Continue reading “Tuesday: Office Hours”

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