Monday: The First

It was, by all definitions of the word, a Monday. I woke up from a rest that was shorter than intended. This was of course my fault, as I had become lost in technological trance the night before. I had made the attempt to to participate in my daily ritual and listen to a political driven podcast on the way to work, however my mind had other plans. I spent the better part of the forty minutes in traffic daydreaming about the days ahead, and relishing the ones past. Suddenly I found myself in the parking lot at work, and cutoff my friend Jon Lovett in the middle of one of his famous advertising riffs.

I eventually want to write a piece dedicated to the people that I have met in this city, but since that list has so many different personalities I fear it is far from publication. Instead, just for a moment, I want to remark on the a common trait I have noticed in a number of fellow colleagues. Where I come from, there is a lot of opinions of Los Angeles and the people inside of it. One of the most popular comments on the entitlement of the people who live here. I have met many different individuals in this city, and this trait applies to few of them. But the ones that hold this value, hold onto it with their lives. There are some that survive off of the idea of entitlement, even when they have no name to back it up. It is in this moment that I can’t help but picture the Evil Queen from Snow White, with her chin held high and her eyes glaring down at all that she sees beneath her. The act of entitlement bothers me. I spend a lot of time wondering what they are thinking and what pushes them to act the way they do. Maybe they believe that those thoughts will force their dreams into reality, or maybe they are just afraid. I’m confident that each offender has a different reason for their actions, but my desire to understand still pushes me to question the very nature of the act. One thing I know for certain, acts such as these carry weight, and the few that commit these acts create the label for many.

My research will continue, but until then I will stay away from bad apples.


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