Yoga in the Park

Why do people do yoga in the park? The most likely answer to this is because it’s almost eighty degrees outside and the park is beautiful. My brain however refuses to believe this and insists that there is some ridiculous reason for this behavior.

While walking in the park today I observed a larger than normal yoga count. Yes I know that I live in Los Angeles, the literal capitol of yoga, but it still doesn’t explain the gaggle of professional stretchers strewn throughout the park.

These next few paragraphs are just thoughts that went through my head and are in no way proven facts. Although it’s possible that they are.

Why not just do yoga in your home? Again I understand that it is beautiful outside, but I feel like making the effort to walk to the park to do this activity has some other ulterior motive. My first thought was because people want to be noticed. I mean I wouldn’t do yoga in the park, but that’s mostly because it would be more of a comedy routine then an exercise. If I was a yoga expert however I could see how showing off my abilities would be attracting.

What if it is something spiritual? Is yoga a spiritual thing? I don’t know. I am going to look into this and I might come back to this at a later time.

What if you really have to go to the bathroom? I assume that some of these yoga stretches really shake up the insides. Those park bathrooms are horrendous and they might not make it all the way home.

Why not just go to a yoga studio? Obviously money is an issue here, but I’ve never met a poor person that does yoga. You would be in public so you can be seen by others, and you will get instruction on how to be better.

The park just seems really impractical. Let me know your thoughts.

TIP: If you are ever in a park and notice someone doing yoga. Do NOT get lost in your train of thought and forget to look away. It can cause some very awkward eye contact.

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