Apocalypse Now

Work was not fun today.

Luckily I was given the gift of Redbull which single-handily carried me through my day. After experiencing what might have been the longest day of my life (not true, but added for effect) I was excited to spend the rest of my Sunday relaxing and playing video games with friends. Little did I know this little dream was soon to be crushed by some higher being.

As soon as I got home I attempted to start the weekly video call with my parents, one of my favorite Sunday traditions. I was met with a brick wall of disappointment when I realized my internet was not working. Being decent with computers and most forms of technology I was confident that I could fix this little issue. The next two hours consisted of me yelling at a broken modem, crawling under the house to check the connections, and listening to the customer service robot as she attempted to understand my angry babbling. As you can guess, I could not solve our internet issues, and reluctantly conceded to our customer service overlords. They will be out here later this week to fix the issue. This is the apocalypse.

People often jokingly say “I don’t know how people lived without the internet.” I however do no feel that this is a joking matter. How did people live without internet? They relied on maps to get around? I can’t drive to the grocery store without getting lost. How did they survive without Google? I am constantly trying to figure out important questions like “What’s Aaron Paul’s favorite breakfast cereal?” How did they survive without Donald Trump’s tweets? All of these questions swim constantly in around my brain. I mean dial-up era was hard for all of us, but at least I could get to Nickelodean.com eventually.  Thankfully I was born at the beginning of the technological boom and I have been blessed with Google and video games since I was a child.

A lot of people would try and counter this describing how technology has ruined society, and I respect their efforts. It is a beautiful thought believing that the technology and the internet is the source of our deepest problems. Society however, has always been messed up in some way, and the people in it will take advantage of whatever is thrown at them, technology or otherwise. Life without technology was definitely simpler, but simple isn’t always a good thing.

Either way, these next few days are guaranteed to be some of the worst of my life and I am using the last of my phone data to post this journal. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to post until my internet gets fixed or until the zombies override the encampment. Don’t cry, I’ll be back soon.

Aaron Paul’s favorite cereal is Cheerios. You’re welcome.

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