Birthday Parties

I need my own car.

I couldn’t imagine living in Los Angeles without a car. Most likely if you need to get anywhere (Except coffee shops because they are literally on every corner) you are going to need transportation. Being that I can’t afford to take a Lyft/Uber every time I need to go somewhere, and I do not have the patience or the time to take public transit, I must own a car. I drove my 2001 Honda Civic across the country solely to ensure that I could drive to In-N-Out, and it was totally worth it.

Even though I have the means to get wherever I need to go, there are just some moments when it’s more convenient to take an Uber. I love taking Ubers. Maybe it’s because I’ve never had a bad experience in an Uber car (sorry for those that have), but the Ubers in LA are usually nothing short of entertaining. I took one Uber in Venice and the Uber Driver played strictly Britany Spears for the entire 45 minute Uber ride. It was glorious. Until I have a bad experience (like the Uber Driver only plays Brad Paisley) then I will HIGHLY recommend using them.

Today was my roommate’s birthday celebration, and what a celebration it was. Unfortunately most of you do not have the pleasure of knowing my roommate Matt, but he is by far the funniest person I have ever met. Honestly he doesn’t even try, comedy just oozes out of his pores. Watching him entertain people for fours hours was basically like watching a long comedy special. Plus someone made food (the real reasons I got to parties) and of course there was cake. Everything was great until I realized I had to be at work at seven in the morning, and then I was once again facing my biggest foe, no sleep.

After realizing that it was after one in the morning and all Ubers would cost too much I decided to walk home. If my mom reads this I know she is going to have a heart attack that I walked home at one in the morning by myself, but it only took fifteen minutes and the only time I got scared was when a big dog barked at me, so it’s okay mom.

Work is going to be fun tomorrow.

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