I’ll See You in Chemistry

I’m not well versed in forms of torture, but working the morning after a closing shift has got to be the one of the worst forms of torture ever created. Forget waterboarding, just make someone work a “clopen” (close-then-open) in retail and they will tell you anything you want to know. Anyway, as you can imagine, I spent most of my day fighting to keep my eyes opened. Luckily I was able to get my hands on a 16oz can of Redbull that was enough to keep my motor functions working during my eight hour shift.

After getting off work I had an extensive list of productive plans that I was going to accomplish when I got home: do my laundry, do some writing, read in the park, etc.). For the first time this week I wasn’t going to be a lazy slob, or so I thought. Moments after walking into my front door I took it upon myself to take a “tiny break” on my bed, a common mistake. Almost two hours later I found myself lying in my work clothes, staring at the ceiling, with absolutely nothing on my list accomplished.

I have an intense love/hate relationship with naps. I hate them because they usually ruin anything that I have planned for the day and cost me to get behind on my work, but I love them because they are the one of the most amazing things that humans can do. Napping is beautiful in so many ways, it temporarily rids me of all my worries and transports me into a world of magical bliss. Talking about it is already causing me to yawn again. I just wish the hours in the day were a little longer so I could take naps and read a few more chapters of Anna Kendrick’s “Scrappy Little Nobody”. (Yes I did mention Anna Kendrick in two subsequent posts).

My day was not completely wasted however, as I finished the evening piled on my bed with my roommates devoting the last hours of our day to the “Mindy” episodes of Drake & Josh. If you don’t know who Mindy is you should be ashamed of yourself. She is the ex-rival and occasional girlfriend of Josh, and she is glorious. Stop reading this and go to Hulu right now, binge the whole show, and thank me later.

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