The Hermit

I have always been a social person. I’ve not always been good at it, but I have always been social. In high school I was your typical awkward teenager; My hair was long (and occasionally purple), I wore 80’s band shirts, and I had the social inability to formulate a normal conversation with girls. I don’t regret those years, if anything they provide for great content in my comedy routine. To tell you the truth if I could go back and talk to my teenage self the only thing I would tell him is that they make more Star Wars movies.

After high school I slowly began to develop the ability to have conversations with real people and not just the ones in my head (just kidding…maybe). I even got pretty good at it, as it eventually turned into public speaking. One of my biggest hinderances had turned into one of my greatest strengths. Mom I had finally made it.

Moving to Los Angeles has definitely had an influence on my social life. Back in Virginia I was out in about all of the time. There was hardly a weekend where I wasn’t making a fool of myself on a dance floor or at one of our house parties. In LA, I am the new kid, and I haven’t been the new kid in a long time. A new city, a new job, and surrounded by four million people who I don’t know (except Anna Kendrick, love you girl). I’m not one to back away from something, but the thought of that alone is daunting, and it is something that I ignored until I got here. I have, once again, become a hermit.

Before anyone gets confused or worried I would like to remind you that I love being a hermit. I am obsessed with my writing and with movies, television, and every other form of entertainment that I have very little time to actually realize that I am a hermit. It is also important to note that I was lucky enough to get amazing roommates (thanks Facebook) who refuse to let me hide in my cave. I think alone time is important, but too much of it can get to your head. Some of my scariest moments have come from me being alone for too long.

I’ve been so busy with work and writing and everything else that I have forgot how to go out and meet people. I think I’m starting to get comfortable now, and I can start leaving my cave again. Is Trump still President?

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