Sundays are for Distractions

I’ve always loved Sundays. When I was a kid it meant we got to go out for lunch after church (I really miss fried chicken and gravy from Cracker Barrel). It also meant that we got to relax the whole day. I long for those days of building pillow forts in the living room and then watching Star Wars on repeat. Now that I am twenty-three and living in Los Angeles, relaxation is not something that comes often (or really at all). Even when I do have some time to myself it is spent working towards a higher goal, or at least that’s what I’m telling myself while I’m clicking through Netflix shows. I spend a lot of my time staring at a blank whiteboard or my computer screen desperately trying to think of ideas for my NEXT BIG SCENE. I wonder if legends like Quentin Tarantino or Edgar Wright get as side tracked as I do.

I have always been in love with stories. Jurassic Park was my first PG-13 movie and it was also my first love. I’m not sure if that is when I fell in love with film or if it was when I was shown Star Wars shortly thereafter, either way I have been obsessed ever since. Stories are just an escape for me, they are these beautiful creations that came from someone’s mind. That fact has always fascinated me. How can one person (sometimes more) write something so bewildering that it becomes a landmark in history. That’s why I’m in LA of course, to create a world for people to get lost in. But how to I balance those loves with my desires?

The simple desire to create is not enough. You also need the drive to make those creations happen. I believe that I have that drive (if I didn’t I sure as hell wouldn’t be broke in Los Angeles, California), but I need to discover when is the right time to take a break, and when is the right time to work. Due to my love of stories in all of their forms (books, film, video games, etc.). I often want to get lost in those worlds instead of creating my own. When do I write and when to I scour the plains of Mordor killing Orcs? I am an extremist, I’m either on one side or the other, and that balance is something that I have yet to discover. I’m working on some ideas (scheduling, time management, meditation, etc.) that I can hopefully follow to get my life balanced. Once I figure it all out I’ll make sure to include it all in my self-help book, coming to a Barnes & Noble near you, 2024.

Stay Tuned.

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